Program Book 2021/2022- Ad Space Sale

What is this fundraiser?
The Parent’s Music Club of the Portsmouth Public Schools is publishing a program book (similar to a “Playbill”) for distribution and display at select Portsmouth public school performing arts events throughout the school year. Ad space in this program book is available for sale to the general community. This is a major fundraiser for the Portsmouth schools performing arts department – revenue from this fundraiser goes to support many performing arts programs throughout the school year. Click on the following links to view program books from the previous five years.

**The first publication of this year’s program book will be for the Portsmouth Holiday Concerts. There is still time to secure an ad that will appear in our Program Book for all of our concerts this year.

Who benefits?   This is a fundraiser sponsored by PMC that directly benefits students in the Portsmouth public schools performing arts department.

What am I buying?  As a business, you are buying advertising space in our program book. As a parent, family member, or community member,you may buy any size space to relay your own personal message. Available spaces are: full page, half page, quarter page, business card size, and personal message spaces.

Why should I buy?  Businesses get several times the advertising for the price of one. Ads in our program book get community-wide exposure at a number of well-attended public events throughout the school year. At most of these events, ads are also running as a projected slide show at the front of the venue before the start of the event. For students receiving personal messages, the program book makes a great memento. All proceeds benefit performing arts in the Portsmouth public schools.

Can I see a sample?  Absolutely. To flip through the a past Program Book online, click one of the images above (Adobe Flash is required). PDFs of past program books can also be downloaded by clicking one of the links above.

How do I buy?  There are 2 ways to buy:

  1. Click here to buy online. If you buy online, you can pay online and directly upload your ad artwork to us.  Online payments are secured by PayPal, but no PayPal account is needed – you may pay directly with a credit card. (When you get to the payment page simply click on the “Don’t have a PayPal account?” link to pay directly with your credit card.)
  2. Buy the old-fashioned way
  3. Buy the old-fashioned way using this form. All materials including the form, payment, and ad artwork must all be delivered to Portsmouth High School, as detailed on the form.  For those who use the paper form to buy an ad, you may now upload your artwork online, here.

Some important details:

  • Deadlines: All artwork, payment, and forms must be submitted online at or delivered to Portsmouth High School by the end of the day, Friday November 22, 2019 for the 1st printing (for the Holiday Concerts), and Friday February 28, 2020 for the 2nd printing (for the spring concerts).
  • Where and how to submit payment and materials: You may buy your ad online through this website, or you may order an ad using the pdf order form.  Artwork may also be submitted separately from an order by uploading it online or it may be emailed to [cjtoolbox name=’email link – program book – steve cirillo’]

[cjtoolbox name=’Program Book Artwork Requirements’]

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