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Already bought your ad but haven't turned in your artwork?
Use this form to upload your artwork directly to us!
How to Upload Your Artwork
To upload your artwork, fill out the form below, select your artwork file to upload, and click 'Submit'. The information in the form is required so that we can match up your artwork with your order.
Artwork Requirements
  • Resolution: 300 dpi
  • Greyscale: Ads will be printed in greyscale. Artwork submitted in color will be converted but for best results we recommend submitting artwork that has been optimized for greyscale print.
  • Color (optional): Optional color artwork may also be submitted. Program book ads will be projected on large screen prior to start of concerts. Color ads (greyscale if color not available) will be used for this display.
  • It is best to upload your artwork using the order form, however, if you don't, you may upload it later by using this form
  • You may alternatively email it to Steve Cirillo or deliver it to Portsmouth High School.
  • Email Steve Cirillo with questions about this fundraiser, artwork or online orders.

Artwork Upload Form

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