It’s time to get the ball rolling for our return to Disney 2020!

It is time to start the preliminary planning for the Clipper Band trip to Orlando, Florida in the Spring of 2020. Please note that all of these items are subject to change based on availability and affordability. Here are some of the details based on our trip in 2016.

We are looking to spend approximately one full week (7 days) sometime between Wednesday (evening departure) 4/22 through Sunday 5/1 (2 days before & into April vacation). The exact dates will be determined based on the best available airfare option.

Round-trip, non-stop air Jet Blue to Orlando out of Boston's Logan International Airport

Accommodations for the previous 4 band trips have been at the Lake Buena Vista Courtyard Marriott, students in quads (4 to a room - shared double beds) and chaperones in doubles (2 to a room). I am looking at two new hotel possibilities at Universal Studios opening in the next year. Any change would depend on the group rate we can secure. Affordability for everyone in the band is the primary goal. Stay tuned for future updates.

Theme park tickets to Disney World (3-day, park-hopper passes) and Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure (2-day, park-hopper passes)

All meals included (breakfast every morning at hotel), scheduled group meals at Planet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Hard Rock Cafe, Ci-Ci's Pizza and a daily meal per-diem for students while in the parks

The projected cost will be approximately $1,600 per student (cost in 2016 was $1450). Chaperones costs will be slightly reduced as there are no Festival/Performance expenses for adults. Instead of using a travel company, I make all of the arrangements. This ensures the lowest possible price and full control of all of the details.

While there will be many fundraising opportunities for band students to participate in, I suggest that everyone start their own personal "Disney savings account" at home. If you started this March 1st, putting $100 a month away, you could have up to $1300 by April 1, 2020 when the final payment will be due. A formal payment schedule will be published on September 1. Until then, start saving those pennies!

We will need a minimum of 1 chaperone for every 10 students. I expect at least 75 students with the potential of up to 90 depending on final band sign-ups. That's a total of 8-10 chaperones that will be required.  Each chaperone will be responsible for monitoring/overseeing an established group of (8-12) students for the duration of the trip. Please stay tuned for how to sign-up to be a chaperone.

Want to take the road trip of a lifetime? We will rent a 26' box truck and send the equipment, uniforms & luggage down in advance. You do not need a commercial license as it is a standard rental. I am looking for 4 adults to split the driving trips (down & back), or 2 adults willing to do both ways. If you are interested, please email me directly and we can discuss the details.

Any families/alumni interested in traveling along with the band as "groupies" will be able to take advantage of our group-rate pricing for hotel, park tickets & group meals. You would find cheaper air fares on your own and would need to be responsible for all of your transportation while in Orlando. Please stay tuned for how to sign-up for these options.

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