Homegame #4 & Billerica, MA NESBA Itineraries

Here are copies of the itineraries for this weekend’s band events. It is a big weekend with back-to-back football game and competition performances. Click here for Friday's home game itinerary. Click here for Saturday's NESBA Billerica itinerary. There is a slight change to Saturday’s itinerary. Our departure time from PHS has been moved from 4:15 to 4:30 and our performance time has been moved from 7:20 to 7:30. Everything else is unchanged. Students who will be taking the PSAT’s on Saturday morning should bring everything hat they need for the day so that they can join us right after the testing session. We will not be starting rehearsal until noon (report is 11:45am). All PSAT students will be dismissed from the Friday evening football game at the conclusion of halftime to get home a little earlier. Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Only 17 days left in the marching band season. Let’s have a GREAT finish to our season. Thanks so much for all of your support!

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