Helpful Theme Park Information

I would like to thank Celeste Ledoux and her "Disney professional” friend Kelly for taking the time to put together some theme park advice to share with you. I am including a pdf copy in this email and it will also be posted up on the website. In addition, they have volunteered their time to assist any student/adult who would like to set-up Disney accounts and book fast passes in advance via the Disney app. Please click here to sign-up for a time. They will be using the PHS Music Tech Lab in the evenings on Tuesday 4/5 and Thursday 4/7 of this week from 7-8pm. Any student who would like to register fast passes online at home will need their ticket ID number to create an account. As each ticket has a unique number, I do not want to send out over 200 individual emails. I also do not want to send out the entire list to everyone for security reasons. If you would like your number, you may obtain it from me at school during morning band or lunch this week, or you may stop by on Tuesday/Thursday evening to obtain your number from the list that Celeste Ledoux will have. 3 weeks and counting! Remember to follow those guidelines with regards to the uniforms. I need EVERYTHING uniform-related turned-in and resolved by this coming weekend.

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